Connecticut Man Indicted in Foreclosure Rental Scheme

Connecticut Man Indicted in Foreclosure Rental Scheme
Federal authorities have indicted Timothy Burke, the man at the center of a foreclosure rental operation in Connecticut. Investigators say Burke, 64, of Easton, defrauded dozens of Connecticut homeowners in foreclosure by promising to intervene with …
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Pearl won't allow utilities hookups to vacant residential rental units
The City of Pearl's refusal to allow restoration of utilities services to apartment units after they are vacated has left landlords worried they soon won't be able to pay their bills. An estimated 150 rental units throughout the city are vacant and …
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How to Increase Your Rental Yield Without Spending a Cent!
As more people opt to have children later or not at all it's more and more common for people to have fur babies. Hence the demand for pet friendly homes is at an all time high. Every house we advertise for rent is met with applications from people with …
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