Crossing Arizona's historic Route 66

The history of Route 66 dates back to the early 1920s when it was proposed and laid out. But it wasn't until 1938 that the road was completely spread from the eastern starting point of Chicago, Illinois, to the western end of Santa Monica, California, about 2,450 miles later. Of course, this route can travel […]

What is a dive shop?

Whether you are looking for scuba diving equipment, repairs, maintenance or diving certification, the dive shop is where you start your adventure! Here, you can also meet other divers to find out about diving holidays or learn all about education about scuba diving. The most obvious reason to go to a dive shop is to […]

Family-friendly activities, legendary artists improve Branson Entertainment’s standards

Branson, Missouri is a popular family-friendly destination that attracts millions of visitors every year thanks to its numerous entertainment options, home-made hospitality and outdoor entertainment. Every year, Branson brings something new to the entertainment industry, and this year is no exception. Only last month, Branson announced the performance of legendary performer BB Kim himself. Branson […]

Explore the youth capital of Hawaii

About Honolulu Sweet beaches, enticing greenery and charming architecture are some of the highlights of the state capital of Honolulu, Hawaii. It is also the most populous city in the state. Located on Oahu, Honolulu is the main gateway to Hawaii and the gateway to the United States. It is the most western and southernmost […]