Lost art of handmade candle making

I am from Missouri. The more I explored her, the country surprised me. Tonight, I live in a hotel in Branson, Missouri. Many of you may be familiar with the city, but I am not. Obviously I was only 5 years old, but, to be honest, if I can remember what happened 10 years ago, my performance is not bad… not to mention 27 years ago!

In any case, there are messy things about my memory.

Many people visited the Silver Dollar City. For those who don’t know, SDC is a theme park that mimics the lifestyle of the Ozark hills. Visitors will witness many craftsmen, one of whom is an old-fashioned [intentionally misspelled] handyman.

You may see an old man with a long white beard and soak the rattan in a wax tank heated by fire. For those who have been making candles for several years, this is an incredible sight. Obviously, for ordinary candle burners, there is no wonder unless the accidental candle user does not know how the candle is made in a large factory in China.

Seriously,…handmade candles do a lot of work. Of course, many candle companies were born in the basement, garage, spare room and kitchen. Convenience is rare in the days of past [intentional spelling mistakes]. Unexpected candle distributors, of course, they can't import candles made abroad, please buy a full container!

The wax was burned by fire… someone immersed the wick manually. A lot of work has been done compared to today's standards!

Ok… until now, you are asking me to point this out. The next time you buy one or more candles [soybean or paraffin], ask your local deli for help, then try a real handmade/hand-made candle to check the difference between the two. Not only the appearance, but also the way of burning, burning time and smell. You may be surprised and may change the preferences for candle purchases. Only the nuances on the wax will make you amazed!

Your local handyman puts a lot of time, energy and love into their handmade candles. They are proud of their products. They are forced to produce ultra-high quality products to remain competitive in the market. Of course, they may cost more, but as they say on the hills of Ozarks: "How much do you pay!"

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