Cycling – a common safety tip on the long Katy Railway in Missouri

This is the seven safety tips for riding Katy between the Katy 238-mile end [Clinton [West] and Michigan [East]].

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Protective headgear from

 . Cyclists may fall into this footprint at any time due to weakness, debris and interference.

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Road traffic at the crossroads from

 . When trails pass through farm roads, trails and state roads, cyclists have no right to the road. Most of these crosswalks are partially enclosed on both sides of the road. A narrow gate means a busy intersection.

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Insects, occasional snakes and animals from

 . There are poison ivy, scorpions, mosquitoes and rare poisonous spiders or snakes along the entire trail. At different times of the day, certain snakes [most snakes are harmless] lie on the trail without moving.

Accidental collision with a poisonous copper head or wood rattlesnake can be dangerous. When the current wheel passes, the recoil of these animals can cause the rider to be bitten by an ankle or leg. In addition, other animals may not see or hear the rider's arrival, causing the last second to evade.

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Mosquito repellent or self-protection device from

 . There are no large carnivores on the trail. Although the lynx is small, they will avoid human beings like coyotes, foxes and deer. However, the occasional appearance of one or two wandering howling dogs can sometimes be scary. Otherwise, most of them are friendly and harmless. In addition, stray cattle may appear on the trail from time to time. In these cases, the air horn will help.

In addition, crimes do not exist on the road except for the vandalism of parking cars in remote areas that rarely occur. Although many women ride it alone, carrying a protective device [such as a pepper spray] is a good safety practice.

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Fallen branches or rocks from

 . The branches of the trail canopy rarely fall by themselves because they are trimmed by the ranger. But they will fall or weaken in strong winds and storms. If the rock falls from a high cliff between Rocheport and Matson, most of the rock will fall on the inner edge of the trail.

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High or soft shoulder from

 . The shoulders of the path are high, especially the high shoulders of the two-thirds of the Missouri River in the east are usually soft. This can lead to sudden glide or steep embankment tumbling.

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Proper edge of the trail from

 . A good rule of thumb is to be as close as possible to the limestone trail itself, in the middle or near the paved walkway or in a populated public area near the trail. The tires flatten and cause the thorns and sharp branches to lie there.

Similarly, entering a remote road on the sides of the path corridor or near the rushing Missouri River can be very dangerous. This means that you will encounter toxic spiders, scorpions and snakes, ticks, bumblebees, chi, mosquitoes, mosquitoes, bats, ivy/oak, thorns, spills, falling steep slopes on steep rocks, potential Drowning, not to mention invaded properties in a private environment.

In short, use the restroom as much as possible on trails or public places.

Communities and trails can use the restroom this season from

 [from west to east].

  • Clinton [Trailhead]
  • Calhoun [gas station with a convenience store with an entrance at the northern end behind the hedge]
  • Windsor [Trailhead, convenience store, restaurant]
  • Trailhead, convenience store, bar grill cafe, if open
  • Sedalia [Great Walk]
  • Clifton [Trailhead]
  • Pilot Forest [Trailhead, convenience store]
  • Trailhead [Museum, Bike Shop, Casino]
  • New Franklin [trailhead]
  • Rocheport [pathway with bicycles, parkside cafe]
  • Huntsdale [a nearby village store with a campsite]
  • Maibane [Trailhead, open barbecue]
  • Easy [near county store w/ campsite]
  • Wilton [Country Store]
  • Forthead [Trailhead, hotel, cafe, bar BBQ]
  • Chrysville [Weekend Cafe]
  • North Jefferson [Trailhead]
  • Tebbetts [Trailhead, Turner-KT Hostel]
  • Mokane [traheadhead, day market, barbecue shop]
  • Steedman [bar grill shop / general store]
  • Portland [Trailhead, park side campsite, open grill]
  • Bluffton [B&B for bicycles, campside campground]
  • Rhineland [cafe next to the park]
  • Trailhead [convenience store, 1/2 mile south of Highway 19]
  • Treloar [trapezoid, barbecue when open]
  • Peer [country store on the side of the park]
  • Trailhead, gas station, grill 1/2 mile south of Highway 94
  • Dutzow [Trailhead, cafe next to the park]
  • Augusta [Trailhead, winery, cafe]
  • Trailhead
  • Defiance [bicycle store on the side of the park, bar grill when open]
  • Verton Springs [Trailhead]
  • The bottom of the Green Party [opposite the road]
  • St. Charles [trailhead, warehouse store, small park w/ facility]
  • Mechanic [traheadhead]

To learn more about Katy-Trail security and etiquette, please visit the following website.