Hawaiian cruise ship, Norwegian American pride

Recently, I spent some time visiting most of the major islands that make up Hawaii. This is my first time to go to the 50 states of the United States, and when I got there, it was difficult for me to decide where to live. I spent countless hours searching the internet and various forums to learn about my favorite islands. I found that there are a lot of things to offer on each island, and my ideal vacation will be spent on all these islands. That was the place where the Norwegian Pride of the United States rescued.


The Norwegian cruise company Pride of America set sail in 2005 and is the first American flag ship built in the last 50 years. Look at this glorious ship; and you can say that “American Pride'' is far more than just the letters outside. Everywhere on the ship, you will remember that the United States is a great country, and most lounges, restaurants, etc… all have American themes. Some commentators commented that they thought it was too tacky, but I want to be different to some extent, these boats are cheesy, and the ship seems to be a good fit.

Bills, however, the decoration is very elegant and the layout of the boat is very practical.

One of the main differences in this ship is that most of the staff are American citizens. Online forums are filled with different ratings about the level of customer service they receive on board. Many people attribute this to the fact that employees are Americans. However, I think this is too narrow in the process of thinking. I did find some instances of missing services, but you are on vacation, try to ignore these limited instances and enjoy them. It may be ignored for the price you pay for the experience.

This is a breakdown of the flight from the flight to Honolulu to the disembarkation day.



· Global Positioning System

· Beach towel

·iPhone [sorry, I am not biased]

USB cable and charger [USB can be used with iPhone on many rental cars]

· Check if your car insurance policy covers rental liability [you will save about $20 per car rental]

Recommended application

· from

Urban spoon from

 – Find places to eat based on the users you have been to before.

· from

Arrived from

 – Find nearby attractions, read user reviews, etc…

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Orbitz.Com from

 – Use this book as your car rental service in advance. If you book your flight through Orbitz, it will send you a text message about flight status, etc…

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GPS driver from

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Travel deck from

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My radar from

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Open the table from

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Called port

first day from

 – My team and I flew to Honolulu International Airport to store your luggage on the carousel. Outside the terminal is the taxi rank, where there is an employee who will assist you and your team in picking up and dropping off your hotel and/or port. The fare from the airport to Waikiki is $35. I chose to take the flight the day before to give myself time to adapt to the time changes on the East Coast of the United States.

I have been looking for a safe, clean and cheap hotel in the Waikiki area, walking distance to the beach. I found this at the beautiful Warwick Kiki Hotel. The price of this hotel on Hotels.com is about $145, which really exceeds my expectations.

We have upgraded to the 15th floor sea view room with balcony. This hotel is close to many shops and restaurants and is only a few blocks from the beach. There is a Denny breakfast outside the hotel and there is an International Market shopping venue outside the hotel. I found a great Vietnamese river meal in this market, which is the best meal I have ever eaten in Hawaii.

You can also head to the Ala Moana Shopping Centre and spend hours shopping at this huge shopping mall, one of the best Asian food courts I have ever seen.

the next day from

 — from

Boarding from


We left the Miramar Hotel around noon and took a taxi to the port. Upon arrival [$22 taxi fare], you are instructed to tag your baggage and take them on a short walk to the baggage handler who scanned the baggage. After picking up their luggage, they need to check in and set up your flight account at Norwegian. This is the only source of purchasing power on board, and no cash is accepted anywhere on board. Now that the technology is complete, you are ready to visit some of the most beautiful islands in the world for 7 days.

If you find me boarding at lunch time. Even if you sail until the next afternoon, you can board the boat early. The Aloha Café serves lunch and we make the most of it. The truth is that in addition to the standard American fare, there are Asian and Indian buffets every day. After lunch, we waited for about 30 minutes and they began to announce the number of floors in the available rooms. It turns out that this is ample time for me and my wife, let me settle in the cabin of the balcony and take a nap before dinner. We booked a balcony cabin [7158] and once we got into the cabin, we were a little surprised by the size of the cabin. It is smaller than the other balcony rooms we have booked in the past, with less storage and a smaller TV. It should also be noted that the bathroom is not equipped with the free toiletries I have seen on other boats. Size, etc… is not a deal destroyer, once we get used to it, it is no longer a problem. The balcony is large enough with 2 chairs and a small table.

Day 3 and Day 4 – Maui

The ship arrives at the port of Kahului [Maui] at 7 am and will be parked there until 6 pm the next day. Since this is a overnight stay, passengers are allowed to enter and exit at will whenever the night. The area we parked is an industrial warehouse area. After you leave the boat, many car rental companies offer shuttle bus rentals. I highly recommend renting your own car on each island, except for Kona, which I will explain in detail later. In addition, you should book your car before arrival to ensure availability. Rates are very reasonable on all islands.

Our next decision is: Where are we going and what we see? I'm sure that every guide you've read on Maui will direct you to the road to Hana. I have been reluctant to do this before I got here, but I tend to look in the direction that points me. A Grand Slam breakfast gave me such a signal… Our waitress in Dani, Oahu is a Hawaiian, and it turns out that this is a saint of travel! Her advice to me is that if I want to withstand the pressure, I have to traffic jam for four hours, and I can only reach a small town that I rarely do. I should definitely drive to Hana. She suggested that we go to the Haleakala Crater and travel along the road to Lahaina to see the same scenery. I know that I will disagree, but I am very happy that I accepted my instincts. and so…

After picking up our rental car, we decided to drive to Haleakala National Park to visit the Haleakala Crater. The cruise offers sunrise and sunset bike rides along the crater. I'm sure this will be a worthwhile site; however, we decided to go to the island just in our spare time and don't want to follow any fixed schedule. Driving into the park is easy [using GPS] and looking for a Kula hotel before entering the park. There is a small shop next door to the restaurant, which is the last chance to get food and snacks before entering the park.

Since the crater is too early, I am a bit worried about the visibility of the crater, because this may be a problem. But we are 100% well-known and surprised by the summit's point of view. Driving is great when you actually cross the cloud on the way to a height of more than 10,000 feet. I will warn anyone who is affected by altitude to consult a doctor. I personally have asthma, I can feel the chest tight, my heart beats faster, but it is not bad, I can not enjoy my own happiness. After leaving the park, it was lunch time, we chose to return to the Kula Hotel for lunch. The food here was a bit expensive at lunch, but we picked up a pizza and enjoyed the spectacular view from the back deck.

After lunch, we headed to the Maui Ocean Center, a large aquarium, about 25 minutes from the cruise port, where there are many exhibits. The exhibits are great, the ticket is about $22, and you can see most of the sights in about 2 hours. After the visit, we returned to the boat to relax and have dinner. You can park your car overnight within walking distance of the boat. On the second day of Maui, we decided to travel along the coast to Lahaina to see some attractions and shop. The road to Lahaina is full of beautiful beaches and mountains, and driving is getting harder and harder when you really just want to hang out on the beach all day long. If you feel this tendency, I am sure you will not regret it. I want to point out that once you enter Lahaina, you will be looking for Old Lahaina Front St. This is the place to shop. There is another front street, but shopping is rare.

Lahaina's shopping venues include many chain stores, local craftsmen, many restaurants, and you are at the water's edge, so this is a very relaxing environment. There is a Bubba Gumps, Kimos and several other popular restaurants. However, when I go out, I like to eat what the locals eat. So we went to the Aloha Mixed Plate. Aloha Mixed Plate is a favorite of locals and tourists alike. They have a great outdoor seating area near the water and have plenty of cold drinks, and their mixed plates are the best I have ever eaten on these islands. Kalua pork is excellent! The service is a bit slow. However, a waitress in our region did its best to satisfy everyone. After lunch, we will refund the rent to the agent.

You should plan to do this within 30 minutes to an hour before you plan to return to the ship. You drop the car and take the shuttle back to the port.

Day 5 – Hilo, 8 am – 6 pm

Hilo – the same exercise…. Leave the boat, take the shuttle to my booked rental company, then drive to Volcanoes National Park. There are many shops and gas stations in the Hilo area, you can stop on the way to the snack lounge, etc… Since we only have one day in Hilo, time is of the essence. We entered the park [symbolic charge] and found that all the sights were clearly marked and could be driven by ourselves. We first stop at the steam vent, where the heat of the volcano generates steam when it comes into contact with water.

Just a few steps away, you can enjoy the scenic scenery, once you leave, drive directly to the Jagger Museum. Here you can find information about Kilauea Volcano and the best views of the volcano. Due to volcanic smog, the circulation around the volcano is currently closed, but the open area is spectacular. On the way out of the park, make sure you take a walk in the lava tube.

This is an underground tunnel formed by lava flow. This is very interesting and easy for most people. The entire walking process takes about 15-20 minutes.

After leaving the Volcanoes National Park, enter the Mauna Loa Macadamia Farm into the old GPS and then take a guided tour of this huge macadamia plantation. The tour itself is not that interesting, but the trees are new to most people, stop at the gift shop for free samples and buy some snacks on the road.

From driving to leaving, the entire process should not exceed 30 minutes. The next stop is one of my favorite places throughout the journey: Akaka Falls. We again find the area by entering the name only in Garmin GPS. This destination will allow you to pass through a small town and some cattle pastures inadvertently, but the waterfall itself is worth every minute! You will know when to get close because you will see cars line up in a row on the side of the road. These cars are parked here because there is a charge in the parking area. I suggest you pay the price and stop here. The proceeds from parking fees are used to maintain these areas. Upon arrival, you will see a sidewalk, and after a 15-minute walk downhill, you will see the beautiful Akaka Falls.

After leaving the waterfall, I had lunch that night, so we went to downtown Hilo. I highly recommend the Pesto Cafe in the Old Town. The atmosphere of this place is 1950' the atmosphere of Hawaii. The food here is great, the price is moderate, and you can enjoy the view of the old city. The ocean makes you want to have dinner!

If you have done all of the above, it is time to return your car and return to the boat. On the way back, make sure you pass and see the eucalyptus planted on the Eucalyptus Avenue by the mover and vibrator. However, please be patient: If there is no trip to Hilo Hattis, Hilo travel will not be completed! On the way back to the rental car company, pit the station and pay tribute to the state's largest gift shop

Hawaii: Hilo Hatties.

The store is filled with any Hawaiian female warrior you can imagine, browsing Hawaiian shirts, coconut syrup, jewelry, etc… but ready to pay. There are many options for this store, but if you are looking for cheap products, search in the city or wait for a gift for Kona's Uncle Tony. Go back to the car and send the shuttle back to the boat.

Day 6 Kona – 7 am – 6 pm

Kona is the only port of call for this trip, I don't consider renting a car. Since you are only at the port one day [this is also a tender port], you may go to the rental company for a tender, get a rental car and leave as much time as possible to return the car and lose hours, then rent back the boat. If you choose to rent a car, you can visit various island attractions such as refuge or Kona coffee plantation. If you are just looking for R&R, Hapuna Beach State Park is the island's preferred beach gateway. Hapuna Beach is about a 30-minute drive from the cruise port. We choose to shop at many shops along the main streets of Kona or for lunch at the Kona Inn. The Kona Inn is open at 11:30 and offers a wonderful view of the ocean while you dine.

The food at lunch is almost a sandwich, but the atmosphere makes up for the lack of food. After shopping, we took a taxi to the local beach, where many cruise staff and some locals wandered. Here you can shave ice and swim and snorkel with local turtles.

Day 7 – Nawilliwilli 8 am to 2 pm the next day

Kauai is my favorite island in Hawaii. This island is much more leisurely than other islands, with spectacular scenery and chickens everywhere! Yes, chicken… According to locals, these chickens spread wildly in the hurricane a few years ago. Hawaiian law protects all native birds, and these chickens are no exception. You will see them anywhere, they pose no threat and add to the beauty of this picturesque island.

It should also be noted that since Hawaii does not have a local predator, it will not reduce the number of chickens… unless they hang around the property of the locals, then they can

Become a dinner!

Once again, take a car rental service. If you don't rent a car on this island, it will cause a lot of damage to yourself.

The main disadvantage of renting a car on this island is the parking situation. The main overnight parking area is quite far from the boat near the Anchor Cove shopping centre. If you plan to go out after 9pm, plan to walk with a group of people. The last bus from

The Anchor Cove shopping centre runs at 9pm. As the ship is parked in the industrial area, the surrounding environment is somewhat daunting. I won't say that you should worry about your safety when you go back in the evening. However, my wife and I have walked past 9 o'clock. Although we are not afraid of our safety, it is a bit rough.

I believe that Norwegian Airlines should provide parking services near the port or reach some agreements with the space shuttle company. Some of the older guests on our trip didn't want to travel long distances, so we were able to drive to the port and take them off. Having said that, the shuttle service is very convenient and will take you to many shopping centres nearby.

After arriving at the destination, the first thing to do is to look at the Waimea Canyon. Waimea Canyon is an island version of the Grand Canyon. Once you reach the road leading to the canyon, stop at the last gas station you see, then grab some steam heads filled with Shoyu Chicken for a ride. At Waimea Canyon, you can enjoy [very] beautiful views, admire the canyon, and there is a fruit stand where you can buy fresh fruit. You can also take a helicopter tour of the canyon and the entire island. If you have cash, I think it will be the island that uses it for a helicopter trip.

You can leave Waimea Canyon and see Kokee Park, but by that time, fog has increased visibility by nearly 0%. After leaving these areas, we headed to the Poipu Beach Resort. On the way, you can get off at the Kauai Coffee Plantation. The plantation offers some of the world's best coffee samples for free. It can be purchased and I highly recommend it.

We arrived at the Poipu beach area and then stayed at the Beach Broiler in Brenneke. Brenneke has great fresh seafood, and that's the kind of laid-back beach restaurant I like. You can overlook Poipu Beach Park; this is my favorite place throughout my journey. If you want to spend a day on the beach in Kauai, we strongly recommend that you come here and you will not regret it.

To celebrate the end of the Hawaiian adventure, we chose to travel in a “Hawaiian” way and plan to participate in Luau. Although we all know that the island of Luau on the island may be a very attractive trip, not a real representative of the island, I chose to work with Kauai for decades. Book this book together. Many of you will find it hard to get rid of Luau from NCL, but trust me, save money, and then go to Smith Smith Luau.

The Smith family's Luau is located near the Wailua River and is family owned and operated for decades. As you can see from the opening ceremony, the elders of this family are very proud of the business he built and his family. The reason is beautiful, the food is very special, all drinks are included in the entrance fee, and a lot.

The show itself was great, the performers were great, and the seats in the house were good. A very important note: use GPS and then enter SMITH'S Tropical Paradise. The only thing we got lost on our trip was to use our address on the Luau River ticket. Again, on the way to the location, you will need some time as you will pass the main road.

The next day, we were asked to board the boat at lunch time, so we shop at the last minute and board the boat early.

Day 8 – Disembarkation

The Norwegian disembarkation process is very organized and has no trouble. The only tour we booked through this boat is the Pearl Harbor and Missouri aircraft carrier tour, so we are scheduled to meet in the main hall to leave the ship. The main advantage I found when booking this trip was that we had a late flight, and this 8-hour trip allowed us to enjoy the sights without having to wait in line.

We left the boat and boarded the tour bus to see Pearl Harbor. The tour didn't tell us, but the trip also provided us with a trip to the city of Honolulu, where you can visit the town [and the office of Dog The Bounty Hunter!] to the Punchbowl Cemetery, then to Pearl Harbor and The Mighty Mo [Aircraft Missouri]. This trip is one of the best trips I have ever attended. Even if you are not a history buff, time will pass. I would recommend this tour group to all people over the age of 6. This is a very serious and serious tour group, but everyone should see it. It makes people realize that war is real, and that any form of greed, hatred and ignorance can have devastating consequences.

After that, we went to the airport and went back to the east coast of the United States after a hard flight.

in conclusion

This parade is the best way to see all the islands of Hawaii at such a low price in such a short period of time. This is a very dense port cruise, so you won't really enjoy the days of lazy time at sea like some cruise ships. The accommodation is adequate, and overall, if it is beautiful, the boat itself is also true. I recommend eating breakfast on board every day, but if you have money, go to the island to eat what locals eat and support these small businesses. I believe that the ship's future voyage needs to focus on the quality and flavor of the food provided, and the level of customer service needs to be increased several levels.

This is not to say that some machines do not exceed my expectations, but other cruise companies far exceed my expectations in this regard.

I will recommend this boat to anyone, I think the positive factor is far greater than the negative factor. You won't be disappointed.

PS Aloha, learn two words before going

&Mahalo, use them whenever you have a chance!