Mahjong Building: One of the ten most haunted houses in the United States

Cannabis building. Its history has everything. From wealth to suicide, from beer barons to eccentrics, this stone mansion was built in 1868 and ruled the social elite of St. George Louis, Missouri for nearly a decade. Frequent visitors include the horrible Vincent Price, the visiting VIP and the upper crust of St. Vincent Louis. This secret passage, dark corridors and suicide history built above the caverns of the twisted underground cave system are the hosts of the paranormal phenomena that occur every day at the famous bed and breakfast.

During my initial study of Lemp Mansion, I was shocked by the atmosphere inside. The rustic white façade is not ready for dark oak paneling, stairs and stained glass windows. When you enter the world created by the affluent and wealthy residents of the Golden Age of Beer, there is a feeling of bringing the 21st century to the doorstep. You will feel that you are walking into someone else's environment; the entrance is shrouded in voyeurism, as if the owner of the mansion just came out and will soon come back to find strangers walking through the old floor. This sensation still exists when you see the living room, dining room and old bathroom on the second floor, where the original marble bath, sloping glass windows and 19th century tiles remain.

So what happened in this family of dynasties without money but without beer? It all started with the sudden death of William Jacob Lump's younger son, Frederick. William never recovered from the shock and later shot himself upstairs. bedroom.

Williams's only daughter, Elsa Lemp Wright, and the richest woman in St. Louis at the time shot herself in the morning, her husband's husband took a shower in a luxurious mansion, and the family's curse remained. Continue. Very far from the Lemp home. She committed suicide after remarriage with her ex-husband, causing the exact act of the morning to be unresolved. The fact that her husband waited a few hours to report death only aroused public enthusiasm for the news of the unfortunate death of another rich man in the city.

After William Lemp committed suicide, the torch of the dynasty was passed to William's second son, Billy Lemp, who was reluctant to operate under the fame of Anheuser, the biggest competitor. Huge beer business Busch bowed his head. As a ban, sales fell and the overwhelming thing of the depression, Billy also shot himself and fired at the dining room on the left side of the front door of the mansion.

Shooting three suicides in one family. You will think that the grass cover hanging on this house will be very satisfactory. However, in 1949, when the third son, Charles Lemp, shot himself in his bedroom, it would be the fourth and last death. In the days before his suicide, he became a notorious hermit and genital phobia. Because of the fear of pollution, he washed the money, the shoes stayed outside the door [washed], and did not encourage tourists. The horror movie star Vincent Price is a friend of Charles and one of the few to enter the darkness of the Holy Land.

On the morning of the death of Charles, two guns rang in a quiet home. Only two servants live. Mr. Cannabis shot his loyal dog and shot himself. He didn't want the dog to leave alone. The terrible tragedy at Lemp Mansion is over…still them?

When I stayed in the building for two nights, I was shocked by the number of supernatural phenomena. For a woman who sleeps in the most haunted place in the world, this is a confession.

The first night I was there was in the attic room, where there were a lot of activities reported. I am not disappointed. At one o'clock in the morning, things started to kick at my bed. My impression at the time was that it felt like a grumpy child was kicking the wall. At 5:30 in the morning, I was awakened by the blanket on both sides of the foot. The room was still very dark. I took all the courage to pick up the phone and put the light on my feet. I don't know what the little light would illuminate. On each side of my foot, there are two small impressions on the blanket that look like little shoes for the child. The mark is still left for a long time after the weight loss disappears. Later I was told that a little boy was dead in that attic. A deformed child belonging to the Lemp family.

The next night, I was taken to the Lavender ladies room on the second floor. This spacious suite features a shoft bath and a seating area. When I walked into the room, a ghost journey was taking place in the hallway. My sister and nephew lived in St. Louis, Louis, and came to stay overnight. Just as I was lying in bed, the antique chandelier on my head was caught in a flashing light. When my sister cried beside me, it lasted for a few minutes. I finally thought of my phone, then grabbed it, clicked on the camera, and converted it to video. I shot an unstable flash and started asking questions. I asked it to stop flashing, whether it was caused by someone in the room. It stopped immediately. Then I asked if it flashed once, if the person causing the disturbance died in that room. It blinked once. Now, my sister begged me to "stop talking!" and continued for 5 minutes, and finally "verbal" volleyball was over. The lights have remained stable and I have not answered my question.

At 5:15 the next morning, when I was lying in bed and getting ready to get up and packing, I heard two loud gunshots outside the bedroom door. I feel like ice water has poured into my veins. My heart is beating. The gunshots came quickly and sounded like the bark of a big dog. Lemp Mansion has no pets and the staff will not report until 10am. My nephew woke up and said that he had just heard a big dog. He did not hear the gunshots.

Charles Lemp shot his dog in the decisive morning of 1949 and shot himself. I firmly believe that I have heard the so-called residual troubles: the cycle from the past.

So far, Lemp Mansion is the most haunted place I have ever encountered. I encourage you to visit this famous bed and breakfast in St. Louis Louis. The word advice…flashlight!