Family-friendly activities, legendary artists improve Branson Entertainment’s standards

Branson, Missouri is a popular family-friendly destination that attracts millions of visitors every year thanks to its numerous entertainment options, home-made hospitality and outdoor entertainment. Every year, Branson brings something new to the entertainment industry, and this year is no exception. Only last month, Branson announced the performance of legendary performer BB Kim himself. Branson also showcases the talented performers such as Merle Haggard and John Tesh, and celebrates the long summer traditions of Fiddle Festival and Super Summer Car Cruise. Most importantly, Branson is recognized for its outstanding outdoor development and has announced some exciting new attractions that will soon become a favorite of tourists.

After performing and selling in Branson in February 2006, BB King decided to add another Branson Welk Resort stage on October 5, 2008. The show is definitely sold out, so make sure you get tickets as soon as possible.

During July, Branson also announced two pleasing traditions: the Super Summer Parade [sponsored by the Hills Collie] will be held on the weekend of August 7th to 9th, and the midnight parade will be held on Saturday. . This is the Branson annual car event of the year, and there are so many exotic cars in the area, Branson hotels are quickly sold out, especially on The Highway [Highway 76]. ] on those hotels. Therefore, please make a reservation as soon as possible.

Another event in Branson in August is the Violin Festival, which is scheduled for August 23. This event is free and fiddlers of all ages compete for the champions of their respective categories.

Branson is also known as a top golf resort by Travel Golf, highlighting Branson Creek, Ledgestone in Stonebridge Village and Murder Rock Golf Village in John Daly Golf courses such as clubs. In Branson, golf is constantly evolving, so this point of Travel Golf is just a feather in Branson's crown.

The highly anticipated Beetle Museum is the new building in the Branson area of ​​the museum, which will open this fall. The popular Beetle-related show, Liverpool Legend, supported this development with the support of George Harrison's sister Louise Harrison. The museum will collect souvenirs from the Beatles, including rejection letters that have never been seen, and will be located at the Starlight Theatre.

The Haygoods is a favorite of Branson for many years and recently announced the purchase of his own theatre, now known as the American Theatre. They set new standards and goals for production and theater because the space not only accommodates their live performances, but also accommodates their TV shows [played locally on the CW network]. The show will combine real-life TV and music entertainment. Haygoods plans to open before March next year.

Branson is a resort that constantly introduces new things, adds to the fun of old things, and challenges the way visitors visit the area. Branson has more programs than ever before, and there are more events to choose from throughout the year, making it a great place for family fun.