Girlfriend Spa Resort Renew and Reconnect

Want to take a break from your busy life and meet some old friends? There is nothing better than a spa resort to help you find your inner self and rediscover your dearest friends while enjoying some favor. The spa package offers groups the opportunity to indulge in treatment, healthy eating and enjoy some fun […]

Honolulu – the land of dreams

If you are planning on vacation, why not choose Honolulu? With its tempting historical sites, splendid landmarks and exotic beaches, the Hawaiian capital is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. So pack up and prepare for an unforgettable experience. Aloha! This Hawaiian greeting will be your favorite word when you […]

Through the desert

When I first drove to beautiful California in 2000 to start a new job, I experienced one of the most promising experiences of my life – perhaps because it was a marginal trauma. At the time, I worked in St. Louis, Missouri, just working in Northern California. I had just started a few days, so […]

My grandfather John Jones and Pullman sleeper

My grandfather John Jones was born in September 1888 in Gonzales, Texas. He grew up in this small town and attended a local elementary school. At the age of 16, after marrying a young girl, Minnie Weathers, he moved to the then Fort Worth, Texas. For 40 years, my grandfather's job has been to become […]

Lost art of handmade candle making

I am from Missouri. The more I explored her, the country surprised me. Tonight, I live in a hotel in Branson, Missouri. Many of you may be familiar with the city, but I am not. Obviously I was only 5 years old, but, to be honest, if I can remember what happened 10 years ago, […]

The origins of the Mathers family

The roots of Eminem can be found in Scandinavia by his mother, Debbie Nelson, and in South Wales through his father, Marshall Bruce Mathers II. But most of Eminem's blood is Scottish blood. On both sides [both mother and father], the roots of Scotland can be found. Back to the 7th generation of his father, […]

Great deals at Grand Plaza Hotel

Branson, Missouri is known as the "world's live entertainment capital" because of its rich performances, attracting millions of visitors around the world. Brandon is the perfect place to experience rock, pop, jazz, gospel and many other types of music. Live theater performances such as comedy, drama, magic and many other special performances have attracted the […]