HomeAway, a Home Rental Service, Mocks the Competition

HomeAway, a Home Rental Service, Mocks the Competition
With “It's Your Vacation, Why Share It?” as its tag line, a new advertising campaign by the online home-rental service HomeAway depicts some of the many awkward, gross or annoying ways this kind of shared-lodging arrangement can go wrong.
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Rental analyst company ranks Chico '350th best place to raise a young family'
U.S. Census data was used to calculate the renter's income required to rent a 2-bedroom apartment and determine housing cost score. Cities were ranked on high school graduation rate for public school districts based in that city. According to the …
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Study claims short-term rentals in SB County generated 1.6 million in 2014
The study was commissioned by Home Away, an Austin, Texas-based vacation rental marketplace with more than one million vacation rental listings in 190 countries. Austin-based economic consulting firm the TXP Group used the data from 2,200 Santa …
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